20 months into escorting, I can honestly say it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. It’s also been one of the most challenging.

After finding my feet, I can now see that I was overconfident when I made my introduction into this world, a trait I’ve always had.  Having researched it since I was in high school, I thought I was somewhat educated about the legalities of Australian Sex Work and had plenty of personal experience with what men and women want. However, I had never been paid a set dollar amount for my time on an intimate level and did not understand the emotional level of this.

My “service list” (as in what I enjoy and what I have been paid for as a service provider in the past) is long and detailed. Personally, I don’t feel what I enjoy in a private setting needs to be listed on directories or my website. I also feel like a service list would take away from the beauty of getting to know new partners, their likes, dislikes, and fantasies. Frankly, I also think a detailed list may shock some of my regular and most favourite clients.

For me, one size does not fit all. I am providing something much more than sex, I am offering my services in the means of my time, emotional labour and allowing a stranger to be with me on an intimate and vulnerable level. Something I may be comfortable and enjoy doing with one client may not necessarily be something I am comfortable in doing with another.

I often get emailed for my service list, I reply with what did you have in mind? A lot of the time they can’t tell me… Obviously, a particular service or fetish wasn’t in their thought process, just a Charlotte ‘to do list’.

I love sex, (if I didn’t I would be in the wrong industry huh?!) but regardless of how much I enjoy sex and the different types of roles and experiences that can come with it, everyone has their limits. Even professionals. I never want to pigeon hole myself into XYZ and a black and white description of my services or have someone say to me “but it’s on your service list”.

What I choose to do, and what not do, is, and always will be at my discretion.

I always welcome questions and enjoy the discussion and planning of the intimate details of our date prior to, I feel this adds to the excitement and anticipation of our time together!

However, a detailed service list will just make an experience with me more clinical than it should be.


CG xx